TAMPA, Fla. - The cheers were loud at Friday’s Bucs practice.

And these cheers carried a little more meaning.

More than a dozen charities filled the stands at the Bucs training camp practice. Organizations such as Wheelchairs 4 Kids and Special Olympics were treated to up close and personal views of Tampa Bay’s workout. Some got even closer to the players after practice.

The defending Super Bowl champs aren't just winning on the field. Making the charity organizations feel at home means the world to families like the Kafkas. Their daughter Ally is a Special Olympian who is on the autism spectrum.

When you’re a family living with autism, inclusion is everything. It’s what they strive for.

“Its really important because it makes them get a connection that they wouldn’t have an opportunity to get otherwise,” Todd Kafka said. “They’re getting to meet kids that are similar to them, which is nice and interact with professionals that we all like to do, right?"

After practice, the Special Olympians ran through a variety of drills. Watching her daughter run on the Bucs practice field is an image Nancy Kafka never gets tired of seeing.

“It’s inspirational,” Nancy said. “She’ll go back with this experience and it will really help her grow and these memories help inspire.”

The Bucs are all about making memories. They have been opening up their practices to different organizations. Earlier this week it was the military. Next week will be the Women of Red's turn.

Friday, it was all about the the special fans. And making their experience extra special.