TAMPA, Fla. — An early-morning park cleanup kicked off a series of volunteer events aimed at paying tribute to the victims, survivors, and first responders of the 9/11 attacks. 

The cleanup, held at Hillsborough Veterans Memorial Park, started a four-day commemoration of the attacks. Put on by the United Way Suncoast, volunteers worked together to weed, spruce up memorials, and clean the park. 

In all, the United Way Suncoast is putting on nearly 20 service projects in the area as positive ways to unite and give back to the community in honor of the lives lost 20 years ago. 

The group chose various service projects to try and replicate how the country came together in the days following the attacks. 

“It’s not just the tragic events and those that we lost but that it was time we all came together as a country,” said volunteer Lainie Patterson. “We put personal beliefs aside and decided to support each other. So on this 9/11 remembrance day we all go out and do something good for each other and remember that togetherness.”

The service projects will take place through Saturday. 

More information on signing up: https://unitedwaysuncoast.org