For families in need, being about to afford something like a Christmas tree and decorations can seem overwhelming or impossible at times.

What You Need To Know

However, one new non-profit is making it its mission to get creative when it comes to giving back.

Joel and Norah Mohorter and their two biggest helpers, dogs Neela and Finn, are hard at work organizing donated shoes and Christmas decorations.

In May they started their official non-profit, Hounds for Hope, and the outreach for giving has skyrocketed with one neighborhood Facebook post.

“We have 25 pairs of shoes per bag and we already have 15 full bags,” said Norah.

The massive pile of donations are all from neighbors, dropping the shoes off on their front porch.

The duo bags up the shoes and gives them to another group in exchange for money.

“What they do is repurpose all the shoes that we collect, as long as they’re new or gently worn,” Norah said.

The money then goes to purchase Christmas trees to brighten the season for families in need.

“It’s kind of a two for one. We get to help their cause out, and at the same time we get to raise money so we further our mission too,” said Joel.

For years they’ve collected supplies for the Humane Society through a Christmas party and noticed a lot of decorations were left behind.

“Afterwards I thought, maybe somebody else would want to use these trees,” Joel said.

Their idea came to life.

Last year, once the party was over, they donated 11 fully decorated Christmas trees.

This year, they’re hoping for 15.

“It’s a little overwhelming honestly, people are so generous in our neighborhood and in our area,” Norah said.

Now established as an official non-profit, they’re excited to see what this season brings.

“It’s the best feeling in the world. It was more rewarding than anything I do on a daily basis. It was very meaningful,” Joel said.

If you’d like to donate, you can message them on facebook:

Or instagram: hounds_for_hope_inc