ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Staying healthy is always top of mind.

With COVID still posing a threat and now flu season arriving, doctors say the need to be pro-active has never been greater. They say getting both vaccines is totally safe.

And officials say it is the best way to protect yourself against both is to get the vaccines.

What You Need To Know

“The CDC took a look at this, and without question people can get both the flu vaccine and the COVID vaccine at the same time,” said Dr. Kevin Ban, Walgreens Chief Medical Officer.

Dr. Ban said whether you’ve already received your COVID vaccine, or you’re coming in for a booster shot, you can get both the COVID and flu vaccine in one visit.

According to the CDC, flu activity is low right now, but they recommend getting your flu shot by the end of October before the virus peaks.

The CDC especially recommends getting the flu shot if you’re age 65 or older, which is also the approved age group to receive the COVID booster shot.

The booster shots are now also available for people in long term care facilities, people with chronic medical conditions, and frontline workers.

Dr. Ban said right now there are plenty of doses of the COVID vaccine available, and he doesn’t expect to see a rush for appointments for the booster shots like we saw earlier this year.

“In the early days of the vaccine program availability was an issue, that is no longer the case.  We have enough vaccines for covid and the flu.  we've worked really closely with the federal government and with the manufacturers so there's no problem for supply,” said Dr. Ban.

In addition to the COVID booster shots, younger children may soon be eligible to receive the vaccine.

Dr. Ban says kids ages 5-11 could be eligible within a couple of months.

“That data looks good. I know now that is being reviewed by the FDA then it will go through the normal process of being reviewed by the FDA they'll make a decision whether to grant it then it will go to the CDC around eligibility so that will take some time before we get a final decision,” said Dr. Ban.

Now, it’s time for parents to start considering whether they want to get their children vaccinated.

Some parents say it’s an easy decision to make, and the only way they feel safe letting their kids get back to their normal activities is if they’re vaccinated against COVID.

“I think it's a great idea.  I would love it sooner rather than later with the no mask mandate there's not a lot of protection at school for kids.  We didn't have the option to stay home, we did e-learning all last year and that wasn't an option this year.  I was a little upset we didn't do mask mandates but I would love to get the shot so we kids can start getting out there and doing stuff, being part of the world again,” said Jess Lubbers.

Other parents say it’s too soon for them, and they don’t think it’s necessary to vaccinate their children against COVID.

“My kids have had COVID, and they're fine, so we're not getting it. It’s just not been around long enough for us to really want to opt into that, maybe one day, but just not right now,” said Caroline Harkness.

In the meantime, Dr. Ban recommends parents of children ages 6 months or older get the flu vaccine.

You can check with your provider or pharmacy to see what the process is to receive both vaccines.