RIVERVIEW, Fla. — Bay area healthcare workers recently had the opportunity to be nominated to win a wedding gown.

It was The Regent's way of saying, thank you.

The winners recently got to take home their gowns.

Getting a wedding gown can be one of the most expensive an exciting parts of planning a wedding.

What You Need To Know

"I knew that was the one, it had the little details that I liked," said bride-to-be Elizabeth Nickerson of her wedding dress.

"The train is beautiful, just the detail, it’s very nice," describes Lizette Maradiaga, who is getting married in June of 2022.

"It’s unbelievable, I tried on the first dress, it zipped up perfectly, it fit perfectly," said Katrena Flowers of her wedding gown.

Those perfect wedding gowns are coming at the perfect price, free of charge.

The three brides-to-be all work in healthcare and were nominated and won a wedding dress.

Many of the gowns were demo gowns donated to the Regent by Satin and Lace Bridal Boutique.

CEO of the Regent entertainment venue, Shannon Keil thought gifting the gowns would be a wonderful way to say thank you to the medical community for their work during the pandemic.

Wednesday, the brides got to take their gowns home.

"We just got joy out of the whole process," said Keil who helped brides through the fitting and selection process. "And it’s so exciting to see them take the dresses today.”

We're not sharing any photos of the dresses each bride chose but we can tell you how grateful they are to have won.

"I was starting to feel very down very sad," said Nickerson who works in the Progressive Care Unit at Advent Health in Dade City.

"People are very, very sick families are losing multiple family members, so for me it was just the happy moment that I needed,” said Nickerson.

Katrena Florwers is a Nurse Practitioner at Lakeland Regional. She also worked as a travel nurse through the pandemic and says she can relate to the physical, emotional and mental stress.

She says winning the dress is a blessing.

"There are no words," said Flowers. "Aren't enough words that I can say thank you."

On top of working as a nurse through the pandemic, Lizette Maradiaga's mother was diagnosed with cancer.

"It was just another challenge that we had to face but we got through it, she’s a rock for me, she’s always been there for me,” said Maradiaga.

Her mother finished chemotherapy and is now in remission.

"She was able to come with me to help me pick out my wedding gown, so it was much more meaningful," said Maradiaga.

Meaningful moments different for each bride. All of them leaving with a wedding dress, thanks to an unexpected act of kindness in the midst of a pandemic.

Keil says The Regent will be giving away more dresses, saying Hillsborough County teachers will be the next recipients.