CLEARWATER, Fla. — The USG Track Club just wrapped up its most successful track and field season yet. 

What You Need To Know

Four of the club's track and field athletes won Gold at the Amateur Athletic Union Junior Olympics. 

Three gold medals went to 8-year-old Chael Williams. 

"I won in the 100, 200 and 4X1," said Williams. 

This is a first for the Fort Lauderdale native, but he says it definitely won't be his last.

"It was awesome because I've never been a National Champion before," said Williams who is already back in training for the next season. 

Williams says he looks up to Olympian Erriyon Knight. 

His teammate, Bryant Tisdale Jr., placed fifth in the nation in the 200-meter run. He says he's more of a Usain Bolt fan. 

"My dad put it on every night," he said. 

Bryant's younger brother, Bryce, also won big. The 7-year-old says this is about more than just winning.

"No matter if you win or lose just try your best," he said. 

Bryant and Bryce have quite the supporter cheering them on. Their mother, Angela Tisdale, founded the club and now serves as USG's Track Operations Director.

"To have kids perform at this top level, you got to have dedicated parents," said Tisdale. 

She launched the USG Track Club 7 years ago. 

Williams and the Tisdale brothers also succeeded in their studies. 

The second and third grade students earned A's and B's as they competed at Nationals and the Junior Olympics. 

"They are literally the number one kids in the country," she added. "They work really hard." 

Keeping those titles while staying on top of their education is now their main focus. 

The club launched their non-profit Seeds of Promise to cultivate young athletes in education and entrepreneurship.

2021 Championship Series Highlights

AAU National Primary Championship

  • Chael Williams- 100 meter & 4x100 Gold Medalist
  • Bryant Tisdale- 400 meter All American (5th place), 4x1 & 4x4 Relay Gold Medalist
  • Mason Bostick 400 meter All American (4th place), 4x1 & 4x4 Relay Gold Medalist
  • Jordan Cooney-200 Meter All American (4th place) & 4x1 Gold Medalist
  • Eric Lassiter-400 All American (8th place) & 4x4 Gold Medalist
  • Bryce Tisdale- 400 All American (6th place) & 4x4 Gold Medalist

USATF Junior Olympics

  • Chael Williams-100, 200, & 4x4 Silver Medalist/All American
  • Bryant Tisdale- 4x4 Silver Medalist/All American
  • Bryce Tisdale-4x4 Silver Medalist/All American
  • Eric Lassiter- 4x4 Silver Medalist/All American

AAU Junior Olympics

  • Chael Williams-100, 200, & 4x1 Gold Medalist
  • Bryant Tisdale- 200 meter All American (5th in the nation) & 4x1 Gold Medalist
  • Jordan Cooney-4x1 Gold Medalist
  • Mason Bostick-4x1 Gold Medalist