TAMPA, Fla. — Building a business from the ground up can be tough and frustrating but many do it and find themselves very successful and November 16, Entrepreneur Day, is a great day to recognize those entrepreneurs. 

Erin Meagher’s weekday mornings are always a routine, starting with a hearty breakfast and followed by a good amount of fun before loading up and heading off to school. 

What You Need To Know

  • Erin Meagher started Beneficial Blends to promote healthy lifestyle decisions.

  • Beneficial Blends is moving to a new 80,000-square-foot building.

  • Her initial product, the Kelapo Organic Oil, is still being offered today, 13 years later. 

“I get pulled in a lot of different directions," Erin Meagher, CEO and President of Beneficial Blends, told Spectrum Bay News 9's Katya Guillaume. "Because I’m an entrepreneur, it’s been great that I’ve been able to kind of modify my schedule so that I can actually run them to school pick them up from school, go home and then still work from home.”

Beneficial Blends started with an organic coconut oil that Meagher called Kelapo.

“Helping with your heart health, brain health, and your metabolism and those are the three things that most Americans fight with every day and it’s really important to eat good things for especially brain health like what we’re finding out now,” she said while explaining the benefits to her products. 

Now Meagher has over a dozen of different products that’s ‘beneficial for you’

“Chillax’n CBD is our new brand," she said. "And this started because everyone is so stressed out, that whole no work/life balance and CBD really helps to just relax you.”

She says that, from food to cosmetics, the creation and manufacturing starts in her warehouse.

“I always look at the quality and things like that, it’s good to be out there and see the product running,” she said.

From big machines to table testing, it’s all about making sure clients get the best quality.

Erin’s success is allowing her to achieve yet another milestone. At the beginning of the new year, Beneficial Blends will be working out of a brand new building.

“We’re moving everything under one roof so it’s 80,000-square-feet," she explained. "So before the pandemic, we had two locations we went down to one.”

This next chapter will help her continue to expand her business and provide products only made right here in Tampa Bay.

Her initial product, the Kelapo Organic Oil, is still being offered today, 13 years later. 

She says she was one of the fortunate business owners who did not have to completely shut down due to the pandemic.