ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — While it is the season of giving, that is just a regular weekend for this week’s Everyday Hero.

Kara’lynne Brubaker is a celebrated humanitarian in the community.

Brubaker spent this holiday season doing more of what she usually does: Direct all the traffic surrounding their charity.

What You Need To Know

She and husband jay are pastors of St Petersburg’s Positive Impact Church, which they began 16 years ago.

Cars lined up during the holidays to receive free food including turkeys and hams and more for the holiday.

But really it’s this way every week.

“Every Saturday we give fresh meats, produce and pastries to our local neighbors,” Brubaker said. “There’s no registration, no sign-up, just show up.”

And who pays for all this?

“We depend on donors,” she said.

Pastor Kara’lynne says 100% volunteer means just that.

“My husband and I are volunteers as well,” she said. “None of us are on a salary.”

Housed in a former Chinese restaurant, bicycles and other kids’ Christmas presents  were everywhere days before Dec. 25.

But despite the chaos, there was service on Sunday like always.

Over the years, many organizations have recognized and honored the work done here, including being presented with the key to the city of St. Petersburg and the Martin Luther King, Jr. humanitarian award.

Now back in the traffic Pastor Kara’lynne sends everyone on their way with a few heart-felt words.

“God bless you,” she said repeatedly. “Merry Christmas.”