Earlier this month, Spectrum News told you about legislation introduced in the Florida House of Representatives that would prevent residents in long-term care from being completely isolated in the event of another lockdown.

What You Need To Know

  •  Legislation has been introduced in the Florida House of Representatives that would prevent isolation of long-term care residents during a lockdown

  •  Proponent Mary Daniel compiled a book of testimonials from people say the pandemic isolation caused their loved ones to suffer

  • She recently hand-delivered copies of the book to every Florida lawmaker, 160 in total

Now, well known family advocate Mary Daniel is pushing hard for it to pass, by sharing stories from across the state from people who say their loved ones suffered greatly while isolated from visitors.

Daniel collected those stories and compiled them into a book titled “Saving them to Death.”  She hand-delivered 160 copies, one for every Florida lawmaker, to the capitol.

“This is difficult enough to have a family member in long-term care during this entire pandemic, and for us to be the ones to have to continue to fight is just not fair," Daniel said. "So we want to have something in writing in law that says what the rules are so everyone can get educated so we can get in from here on out."

Included in the book is Daniel’s own story on how she took a job as a dishwasher at her husband’s Jacksonville facility, just to be able to see him during the lockdown.

News coverage of her plight thrust Daniel into the national spotlight and landed her a spot on Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Long-Term Care Task Force, which helped decide how to implement the reopening of facilities.

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