TAMPA, Fla. – As the world continues to watch political tensions rise between Ukraine and Russia, one Tampa-based organization is working to help Americans escape the country. 

“Americans will be stuck here, if a conflict breaks out, 100%,” says project dynamo founder, Bryan Stern. 

Stern, a veteran, and 911 first responder, started Project Dynamo to get Americans and naturalized citizens out of Afghanistan. 

Now his team is staying in the Capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, preparing supplies like COVID test kits, vaccinations, and various travel accommodations. 

“If there is a war, borders could close, air travel could stop,” says Stern. “Anything could happen, and we just have to prepare for it all.” 

Project Dynamo solely focuses on donations— and all of their workers are volunteers. 

“A dollar, a quarter, a $1,000 — any amount helps us get Americans back home,” says Stern. 

It’s unclear how long the team will be in Ukraine. 

“As long as the war doesn’t start, we wont be needed here and that’s the goal,” says Stern.