New numbers show that U.S. 19 in Pasco County is one of the most deadly roads in the country.

What You Need To Know

The data is for fatal crashes involving cars and pedestrians.

Spectrum Bay News 9’s Tim Wronka spoke with a friend of two crash victims about what she wants to see changed.

It’s never easy for Angel Vuono to revisit the spot where she lost two friends in a fatal crash last year.

“Every time I pull onto 19, I’m terrified of ending up like this,” she said.

She helped build a memorial on U.S. 19 and Bolton Avenue in Hudson.

The location has been the site of 17 crashes since 2017, with three of them fatal.

“Every time I come here, even just pulling in, it’s like really scary,” Vuono said.

Federal data showed 73 fatal crashes on U.S. 19 in Pasco from 2016-19.

And a recent University of Wisconsin study added 48 people died in pedestrian crashes on U.S. 19 from 2017 to June of this year.

Angel believes speeding is certainly one factor.

“You come down here, there’s an open road for you to speed on,” she said. “It just takes that one turn, that one impact to end your life.”

The Florida Department of Transportation does continually research traffic data on U.S 19.

In fact, after we first did a story on U.S 19 and Bolton Avenue earlier this year, FDOT installed a new barrier at the intersection to make it safer.

Vuono says more needs to be done and hopes for more enforcement or traffic signals.

“Hopefully they do make a change,” she said. “Hopefully they go forward about things.”

In the meantime, she uses extra precaution when on U.S. 19, in memory of her friends.