TAMPA, Fla. — Rogers Park Golf Course in Tampa is already steeped in history dating back to the 1950s, but it is now adding even more history.

The Tampa Sports Authority is currently building a new par-3 short course on 6 acres of empty land located on the back 9 of Rogers Park.

What You Need To Know

  • Rogers Park Golf Course building new par-3 course

  • Course will be on back 9 of current Rogers Park course

  • Rogers Park Golf Course

The course will make The First Tee of Tampa Bay a priority, as the holes will be shorter and more manageable to play for the youngest and most inexperienced of golfers.

“Sometimes walking the full course is a lot. Especially in the weather that we are in, it’s a lot for them,” said Azriel Webb, a former First Tee student and now program instructor.

The total course yardage will be around 900 yards, with each hole ranging from 55 to 120 yards.

Although they are some of the shortest holes in the game, First Tee Community Outreach Coordinator Lionel Ballard says the short course will add to Rogers Park’s rich history in Tampa.

“I think it’s a tremendous addition to the golf course, because now people can bring their kids out and enjoy the total golf experience,” said Ballard, who is currently writing a book about the history of Rogers Park Golf Course and neighborhood.

Although kids will get priority on the short course, First Tee Executive Director Ian Baxter says the course will be open to the public, offering a challenge for golfers of all skill levels.

“We envision a lot of people coming not only from the local community, but also from all around to play this course, whether they are juniors, or they’re seniors, or people just beginning the game, or frankly, people who are good players that just want to work on their short game,” said Baxter. “We think it is going to be an awesome experience for everybody.”

First Tee of Tampa Bay says the new par-3 course at Rogers Park should be open by Nov. 1.