SOUTH TAMPA, Fla. — Damage from Hurricane Ian was seen in many areas in Florida. Even South Tampa felt its wrath.

Two of South Tampa’s major thoroughfares, Dale Mabry Highway and Kennedy Boulevard, took hits.

A large tree branch blocked two lanes of traffic on Dale Mabry just north of Bay to Bay Boulevard.

Cars had to carefully navigate their way around the damage.

Kennedy Boulevard took its lumps, too. The traffic lights at the intersection of Kennedy and MacDill were malfunctioning, forcing drivers to remember what to do when there are blinking yellow and red lights.

Right down the road was a downed power line, only propped up by another power line. And farther up the road, a tree in the parking lot of the KFC snapped in half.

Of all the damages seen in South Tampa, one hits a little bit differently — the iconic Village Inn pancake house sign on the road of Dale Mabry.