With only days left until the midterms, officials say work is being done at the Brevard Supervisor of Elections Office to ensure that every vote counts.

What You Need To Know

  •  The midterm elections will take place on Nov. 8

  •  Ahead of Election Day, the Brevard County Canvassing Board has been busy verifying mail-in and provisional ballots

  • Early voting in the county has been low, Supervisor of Elections Tim Bobanic says

The county's Canvassing Board convened Thursday, as part of the law to ensure oversight and certification of the electoral process.

The board's duty on Thursday was verifying all mail-in and provisional ballots.

Members of the public and several people from different organizations were present to observe the process.

Deborah Clark said she was glad to be able to see how the Canvassing Board works, as she took the time to watch on an overhead projector while signatures were verified. 

"It's just nice to watch the process, how it works, so you know what's true and what's not," she said.

The board reviewed each ballot to make a determination about whether to accept or reject it according to a voter's eligibility.

All of the ballots in question were opened and counted in the public setting at the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections facility.

"This is my reminder to voters to make sure your signatures are up to date if you vote by mail, because the law says we must use the most recent signature on file," Brevard County Supervisor of Elections Tim Bobanic said. "So if your signature is more than four or five years old, have a life event where it's changed significantly, please send us an updated signature."

The canvassing board is also responsible for certifying that voting equipment correctly counts votes cast for all races, and submits official returns to the Florida Department of State.

Clark said she liked what she saw Thursday.

"I'm impressed with our supervisor of elections, they run a tight ship," she said.

Bobanic said his office has seen low voter turnout in Brevard County, which has resulted in a lack of long lines at polling locations.

He said he expects a high turnout on Election Day itself, though.