TAMPA, Fla. — The Florida Inventors Hall of Fame and museum on the campus of the University of South Florida is using the Great American Teach-In Thursday to launch its new program called IGNITE. 

It’s an effort by USF to expand learning opportunities to students, and get them more involved in creative thinking that could inspire them to invent something new.

What You Need To Know

“We want to show students patents, or patentors or inventors who look like them and who are the same age as them, and so we have several inventors we are going to showcase to them,” said Sydney Smith, the Education and Community Outreach Coordinator for the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame.

Smith says IGNITE will highlight inventions by kids as young as 6 years old today during the Teach-In, telling students about a 6-year-old that invented an axel for a toy truck, and an 11-year-old that invented the popsicle back in 1905.

It’s these stories and more that program director Jamie Spurrier says IGNITE will use to expand its program across Hillsborough County, and hopefully farther.

“We're hoping to get in all schools in Hillsborough Cunty, and then we are hoping to grow across the Tampa Bay Area and then Florida." 

IGNITE will visit Muller Elementary Magnet School in Tampa today.

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