ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Sol Relief continues to support survivors of Hurricane Ian through humanitarian aid and disaster relief in the Fort Myers area.

What You Need To Know

  • Sol Relief is a nonprofit that helps provide disaster relief

  • It is aiding those in the Fort Myers area and collecting supplies

  • The nonprofit partners with other agencies and is based out of Albert Whitted Airport in St. Petersburg

The nonprofit partners with other agencies and is based out of Albert Whitted Airport in St. Petersburg.

“We’ve been working with the United Way of Lee County and they’ve gotten 700 beds donated and we’ve been focusing on getting the bed sheets and all the linens for 700 kids,” said Harris Ambush, Executive Director of Sol Relief as he describes just one of the many current projects.

Those linens are part of a long list of disaster relief supplies Sol Relief is trying to collect.

“We’re able to take resources and human power down to areas of disaster,” said Ambush.

Sol Relief has been busy.

“We’ve been working on a Fiona response and Julia as well, but with Ian we’ve had 31 flights go down, a majority of those were in the first week,” said Ambush. “We were able to take over 70 people to help with cleaning, renovating, mucking, gut and also resources such as a water filtration system.”

Ambush has a background in education. The adjunct professor at St. Petersburg College says for him, it’s a calling.

“I believe in the 4 p’s: purpose, play, passion and also finding your connection to people,” said Ambush.

Volunteer and student pilot Keith Creedy has also been on the missions and wants to do more.

“One of the driving factors for me to pursue being a private pilot and to further my piloting career is to volunteer for organizations like Sol Relief. That way I can participate more frequently and to a greater degree,” said Creedy.

Now, in longterm recovery mode, there’s still significant need.

“The next big trip we’re going to do is a toy drive, which is really exciting so we’re currently accepting toys for kids 15-17,” said Ambush. That will take flight on Dec. 10.