TAMPA, Fla. — Spring Break is happening about a week earlier than usual this year across the Bay area.

And Tampa International Airport is ready for the increase in traffic with extra workers and a new express curbside service. The idea is to save passengers more time once they are inside the airport.

What You Need To Know

“We are expecting one of our busiest weekends coming up this Saturday and Sunday,” said Airport Operations Manager Adam Bouchard. “(We’re) looking at upwards of 80,000, maybe even 90,000 people through the building each day this coming weekend, and every weekend through early April.”

That’s busy.

In fact, that’s almost double the amount of people normally coming and going through Tampa International on a regular day.

Airport officials say they want to make flying for spring break like any other normal day despite the crowds.

The facility will have more airport staff working to keep security lines manageable.

The airport also is encouraging people to use the new blue curbside express check-in, online booking for your parking before you get here and the airport is even partnering with Uber eats now to speed up getting food while you wait for your flight.

“We’ve expanded the airport over the past few years to make sure the airport and facilities are ready to take on these larger volumes of passengers and that just speaks to that,” Bouchard said. “Although we are close to 80,000 people even today, the facility and the work we’ve done in recent years to equip us for this is why it doesn’t feel as busy as it really is.”

One thing that hasn’t changed?

When the airport says you should arrive for your flight. Passengers should plan to arrive two hours in advance for a domestic flight and three hours for an international flight.