TAMPA, Fla. — Several years ago, 3D printing came onto the scene. It was viewed by some as a gimmick, but to others it’s a game-changing technology.

What You Need To Know

  • Ultimate 3D Printing is a business based in Odessa      

  • 3D Printing can use several different materials including Carbon fiber and metal 

  • 3D could become a cheaper alternative for manufacturing 

Like most industries, technology is ever improving, and what it's capable of these days is incredible — from printing homes to rockets meant to travel into space.

Ultimate 3D Printing is a growing business in Odessa that is constantly on the move and bringing in more clients who had never turned to 3D printing before.

CEO Roy Kirchner says business is booming.

“We became the sixth-fastest growing company in Tampa Bay in 2021," he said.

Taking a tour around Ultimate 3D Printing can be mind-blowing when it comes to what a 3D printer is capable of these days. You can use dozens of different kinds of materials to make items including carbon fiber, flexible materials, and so much more. 

Kirchner says a lot of companies he works for are looking for parts that are no longer manufactured or could take weeks or even months to find a replacement.

He said his company can take the measurements of that part, print it out in a matter of hours or days depending on the materials and how intricate the part is, and do it for less than half the cost of traditional manufacturing. He hopes one day that U.S. companies will turn to 3D technology and away from foreign suppliers like China.