BROOKSVILLE, Fla. — Many parents voiced their concerns and frustrations at a contentious Hernando County School Board meeting Tuesday night surrounding allegations regarding a middle school teacher in Hernando County.

What You Need To Know

  • Parents in Hernando County are frustrated over allegations involving a teacher making a "concerning" comment to a colleague at Fox Chapel Middle School

  • Hernando County School superintendant John Stratton said the matter was investigated and it was concluded that there was no imminent threat to the campus

  • Many parents felt the investigation wasn't good enough, despite not knowing what was exactly said by the teacher

  • The Hernando County Sheriff's Office also conducted an investigation, according to Stratton, and arrived at the same conclusion that there was no threat

According to the school district, the teacher made a comment that was concerning but determined that the comment did not create an imminent threat to the campus.

Regardless, 24 public speakers went in front of the Hernando County School Board and many say they’re deciding whether to pull their kids out of Fox Chapel Middle School.

“Everything will be investigated and the truth will be coming out,” said James Looker, who has a student at Fox Chapel.

“I just want the questions answered,” said Sheena Barrios, a concerned parent with students at Fox Chapel. “What exactly was said? How does this person investigate it and clear to come back into the schools and how is this going to be addressed in the future?”

This is all surrounding recent allegations that have emerged involving a teacher at the school.

According to the school district, the teacher made a comment to a colleague that they say was concerning so they decided to investigate it.

They say the teacher had been removed from teaching during this investigation but was cleared of any imminent threat.

Speculation as to what happened has begun spreading on social media, and parents at the meeting say the investigation was not good enough.

“I feel like as a parent I should know about an incident concerning a teacher that is teaching my children, I don't appreciate that,” said Dana Johnson, who has a student at Fox Chapel Middle School.

What was said by this teacher has not been publicly released, but Hernando School District’s superintendent John Stratton says it was investigated not only by the district, but by the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

“Both agencies felt there was not an imminent threat,” Stratton said.

He says there have been a lot of rumors circulating, but he trusts the work his team and the sheriff’s office did.

“We are always watching for safety and communicating outwardly when we need to and handle it internally when we need to,” said Stratton.

While many parents voiced their frustrations with how this was handled, one did say they felt the only reason this has flustered so many is that the teacher is transgender.

“These allegations are unfounded, as reported by both the school, the school district and the sheriff's office and only attacked because she is now seen as different,” she said.

Most of the parents deny that claim, but regardless of how everyone in the audience feels, the board says the necessary investigations were done and it was determined there was no threat.

Spectrum News reached out to the sheriff’s office to see if they had any further information regarding this investigation but they referred back to the school district for any other questions.