PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — Some Floridians are turning to their insurance companies or FEMA for aid in the wake of Hurricane Idalia.

What You Need To Know

  • After Hurricane Idalia, some Floridians are picking up the pieces 

  • As some apply for assistance from FEMA, Pasco County residents are eligible to apply for aid through the county

  • The county is encouraging homeowners and renters to apply for money through the community development department

  • The funding is available to low and moderate income residents

But in Pasco County, both homeowners and renters can now apply for relief through the county’s community development department.

The county is encouraging homeowners to apply for up to $25,000 towards home repairs at their primary residence. Renters can also apply for up to $20,000 in rental assistance.

That could include covering the cost of a security deposit and first and last month’s rent, should an applicant need to move.

“That’s very stressful under normal circumstances, but when you’ve been displaced from the place you’re at and you're trying to scramble and find a place to live, it can be very difficult,” housing program manager Jeffrey McKittrick said.

The funding is available for low and moderate income individuals and families.

To apply, visit the county website at