PASCO COUNTY, Fla. — A group of Pasco County parents is challenging the school district’s choice in the curriculum used for high school students' financial literacy class.

What You Need To Know

  • Pasco County parents submit challenge to district over Dave Ramsey curriculum being used in financial literacy class

  • Challenges will be accepted through Sunday, Sept. 17 

  • Pasco County School District will hold hearing the week of Oct. 9 

They’ve started a petition against the curriculum by Dave Ramsey, a nationally-syndicated radio host who has written several books giving financial advice.

Some of the parents have spoken out at a few school board meetings, voicing their concerns about the Dave Ramsey curriculum, which they say is not academic and doesn’t meet state standards.

“We just want a textbook that is actually academic, and going to actually teach the standards,” said Jessica Wright, who is a parent, and veteran teacher herself. 

Wright has taken a close look at the Dave Ramsey curriculum being used in Pasco County classrooms and says, “The curriculum itself sites his work multiple times, it doesn’t have multiple sources, it’s not unbiased, it provides information that actually contradicts some of the standards.”

Wright said the curriculum is indoctrination, that it includes Bible verses and advises students not to spend over their budgets.

It also advices them not to have debt, which may sound good, but Wright said, “All of the advice is just don’t spend over your budget, don’t have debt, and make sure that you also, as a high school student, are working a job and save up money to pay for your own college. I think in 2023 we know that’s not realistic advice.”

Now, she’s providing parents with a “how to” guide to submit a challenge form to Pasco County Schools.

“We’re setting our students up for failure to both master those standards, but we’re also setting them up for failure for life,” she said.

Challenge forms will be accepted through Sunday. 

Pasco County School officials say they’re aware of the challenge, and have assigned an attorney to handle the hearing which will take place the week of Oct. 9.