TAMPA, Fla. — Emily Perez, 18, said she's among the 16 people injured in Sunday morning's deadly shooting in Ybor City.

What You Need To Know

  •  Emily Perez, 18, said she was among those injured in a fatal shooting Sunday morning in Ybor City

  •  Perez said she and her friends were about to leave the area when they heard gun shots

  •  Though she was shot in her leg and her back, Perez said she feels blessed to be alive

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"I never thought that I would experience being shot or gun violence at all," Perez said.

Perez said violence was the furthest thing from her mind when she and her friends headed to Ybor City on Saturday night dressed in Halloween costumes. She told Spectrum News the original plan was to go to a club, but it was too expensive. 

"So, we just walked around and just enjoyed each other's company," she said.

According to Perez, they were about to leave when they heard gun shots.

"The first round, everyone kind of ducked and tried to run," she said. "When me and my friend were trying to run, there was a second round that went off, and I got shot in my leg and I went down. I got shot in my back as I was going on the floor."

Perez said her friend was also shot as she tried to help her. 

"I immediately looked up, and there was, like, five police lined up walking towards the shooting. One of them was a lady," Perez said. "She grabbed a whole bunch of towels and started putting pressure on both my wounds."

Soon after, Perez said she was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital. Once back home, the tragedy of what happened set in.

"When I got home from the hospital is when I saw the news of the 14-year-old that died. I broke into tears because he was so young," Perez said.

She said the events of that night have been hard to shake.

"I struggle to sleep. I still replay the screaming of me when I was on the ground and the shots I heard," Perez said.

Still, she said she can't help but feel lucky. Perez said her friend is expected to recover, and she's on the mend.

"I feel very blessed that I am still here and that I can still move my feet and walk a little bit, because it could've been different. I could have been paralyzed or lost the leg. So, I do thank God everyday that I am still here," said Perez.

Perez also said she wants to see those responsible for the shooting held accountable.