FORT MEADE, Fla. — It’s a fast track for a fun race — with lawnmowers. 

What You Need To Know

  • NASGRASS Lawnmower Racing Club at Florida Flywheeler Park

  • They hold races every second Saturday of the month

  • They offer multiple divisions for children and adults

  • Lawnmowers with modifications can race at 70 mph

Welcome to NASGRASS — North American Society of Grass Racers and Sod Slingers.

Wes Pyburn is president of the NASGRASS Lawnmower Racing Club based out of Florida Flywheeler Park in Fort Meade.

His lawnmower has the maximum allowable number of modifications.

“So this is a FXT,” Pyburn said, putting on the lawnmower engine’s cover. “It’s one of the top classes we have here at the track. They are about 100 horsepower and only weigh about 500 pounds so they can get around the track pretty quick.”

How quick?

“I can go about 70 miles per hour,” Pyburn said.

It takes him 11 seconds to get around their 700-foot track.

Pyburn found lawnmower racing about 15 years ago, and every time he gets behind the wheel, it’s still like the first time.

“I still get the adrenaline rush,” said Pyburn. “You are side-by-side racing back and forth and your adrenaline is just pumping.”

There’s no big cash prizes and volunteers run race nights. It’s all for fun.

“Lawnmower racing is a bunch of friends getting together and having a good time,” Pyburn said.

Anytime Pyburn gets to race a lawnmower with his pals is a good time.

To all the lawnmower-curious fans out there, Pyburn says one thing, “You gotta just see it to believe it.”