PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. – A busy St. Petersburg intersection is creating growing concern for some residents.

A turn near the Crossroads Shopping Center at Tyrone Blvd and 66th Street is of specific concern.

What You Need To Know

Drivers consistently using a spot at the location for U-turns is creating a dangerous situation, according to area resident Mona Speir. 

A frequent visitor to the shopping plaza, Speir said the amount of traffic lends to the danger.

“It’s busy all of the time,” she said. “People are coming from Home Depot, TJ Maxx. They got everything over here.” 

Problems happen when drivers exiting the shopping center onto 66th Street and drivers from the other direction are often trying to make a U-turn at the same time.

It leads to some hesitation by the drivers.

“And they make a U-turn, you’re basically stuck in the middle,” Speir said. “Like who’s going to go, you know?”

In Florida, as long as there is no sign at an intersection saying you can’t make a U-turn, they are allowed.

And in this situation at an open intersection without a light, the driver making the right turn should yield to the driver making the u-turn.

But Speir said she feels a ‘No U-turn’ sign should be added there to clear up the confusion.

“A light or signs saying no U-turn,” she said. “And I know some people are still going to do it.”

However, there is a sign saying to watch for out turning drivers.

It’s not the most common sign you’ll see on the road and many drivers don’t see it.

“It’s dangerous,” Speir said. “Very dangerous.”

The Florida Department of Transportation tells me they will do a crash review of the intersection to see if any changes should be made.