TAMPA, Fla. — Explosions, low-flying aircraft and high-speed boats will be coming to downtown Tampa Wednesday for part of Special Operations Forces week.

About 170 US Special Operations Command members and international services will hold a mock demonstration during today’s “Battle of the Bay” showing the capabilities of special forces operators.

What You Need To Know

  • Battle of the Bay to take place today in downtown Tampa from 12p-1

  • The mock demonstration will include 170 US Special Command Operators and international services

  • Loud explosions, low-flying aircraft and fast moving boats will all be part of the demonstration 

  • Roads near the convention center will be temporarily closed during the demonstration 

Military groups from around the world are in town for the SOF conference this week at Tampa’s Convention Center, with the main event, a mock military scenario that includes operators on land, air and sea.

Soldiers have been preparing for the mock scenario this week, and have already attracted the attention of locals.

“The fact they do this here in the U.S., you know, they don’t normally do this every day, whereas other countries they live in this every day,” said Tampa resident Adam Pilolla. “So it’s really neat to come out here, you know, have the public come out here and see what these guys actually do every day.”

The demonstration runs from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. today and the City of Tampa is alerting people who live and work downtown about the potential for loud explosions and temporary road closures near the convention center.

“I really have a lot of love for our military,” said Bonnie Fields. “I think they are just incredible, and it’s just a great thing to see how much they are able to do, and all the new technology that’s come out.”

The best locations to view the demonstration are from high vantage points like the Harbour Island Bridge.

Other viewing locations include the convention center, Riverwalk and along Bayshore Boulevard.