TAMPA, Fla. — From founding a coalition, to writing a book and hosting a business summit, a Tampa entrepreneur is on a mission to help empower and unite LQBTQ+ construction professionals.

What You Need To Know

Tommy Whitehead owns TomCo Solutions, one of only fifty LQBTE-certified construction companies nationwide.

The contractor says he is passionate about building inclusive communities.

“There are a lot of barriers in this industry for LGBT individuals," said Whitehead. "We don’t want to be looked at differently and sometimes we have to stand up and say hey, we’re just professionals, we’re here to do our job.”

To help with diversity in doing that job, Whitehead founded the Pride Construction Coalition to unite and empower LGBTQ+ construction professionals through networking and advocacy.

The group is hosting a Building Success Summit from May 31 through June 2.

“We’re having a 3-day networking event with 15 panelists, professionals from all across the Tampa Bay spectrum speaking because I want other people to build their success,” said Whitehead.

From panel discussions to speakers, pitches and entertainment, Whitehead encourages networking.

Whitehead is also releasing his first book.

“It’s a book about being a disruptor in the construction industry and it’s really geared more toward entrepreneurs,” he said. “People have the ability to be themselves at work because of something I’m doing — and that means a lot.”