REDINGTON BEACH, Fla. — A couple of Redington Beach retirees who have a passion for stormproofing homes have teamed up to offer free advice to Pinellas County residents who need their help.

“I like helping people and it’s fun,” said Jeff Fuller, 64. “I hope everybody uses our ideas and mitigates their homes from these floodwaters.”

Fuller and Bob Kyle, 76, began exchanging ideas two years ago on how to best mitigate their homes.

What You Need To Know

  • The retirees began exchanging ideas two years ago on how to best mitigate their homes.

  • Jeff Fuller, 64 and Bob Kyle, 76, offer their home stormproofing tips for free  

  • The retirees recommend using Seal 'N Peel caulk to seal doors

  • Their next presentation is at the Shore Acres Rec Center on June 27 at 6:30 p.m.

“Bob and I made a pact, an informal pact when we started, we were not going to make a penny,” Fuller said. “We don’t want to make any money. You start making money it becomes a job.”

In March, the retirees were asked to share their ideas at Redington Beach city hall because both of their homes stayed dry when Hurricane Idalia brushed by the area last August.

“I got talked into doing a seminar after my barriers worked,” said Fuller. “A bunch of people in town said you need to share your ideas. So, Bob and I got together and we’re sharing ideas.”

Fuller’s garage door barriers are made up from PVC boards with neoprene which is anchored to the wall and caulked around the edge with crystal clear Seal ‘N Peel. He also uses a 2x4 brace with notches and PVC panels to protect his glass sliding doors at the rear of his waterfront home which sits only 4.8 feet above sea level.

“We’re so well prepared,” he said. “It takes us 3 ½ hours to completely water proof this house.”

Fuller estimates he has walked around 150 homes looking for entry points where water can seep in and has personally caulked about 30. He said it’s vital to pull out low outlets and seal the wire opening.

“They typically drill a three-quarter inch hose right through the wall and they don’t cover it,” he said. “They don’t close it up. So, you literally have a three-quarter inch hose going into your house.”

The retiree’s biggest piece of advice is using Seal ‘N Peel caulk along door seams and hinges.

“Put it on thick. When you get to a hinge cover the entire hinge,” he said. “Once this hardens there’s no water going behind it.”

Fuller recommends using an electric caulk gun when applying because it’s very thick and letting the product sit for at least 24 hours before peeling it off the door

“It comes off in a long strip. It doesn’t take the paint off,” he said. “It doesn’t take anything off and it leaves virtually no residue.”

About 110 people showed up to the retirees first presentation and more than 175 showed up for the following one at Madeira Beach city hall in April, according to Fuller. The next low lying neighborhood which has asked for their help is Shore Acres in St. Petersburg.

“I told the president of the civics association to take me to the worst house in that town. I want to see if I can waterproof it,” said Fuller. “I want to walk around the house.”  

The retirees are scheduled to host a seminar at the Shore Acres Recreation Center on June 27 at 6:30 p.m. during the monthly civic association meeting. They’ll distribute handouts with all their recommendations and the best tested products to use.

“We have no financial interest in any of this,” said Fuller. “We don’t own the stock of these companies.”

Fuller is a former stock broker from Maryland who moved to Redington Beach in 2018. Kyle built a website, created a Facebook group and email account,, for homeowners who need to reach out for help.