Florida’s tenure as a purple state is over.

What You Need To Know

  • Normally purple, Florida turned red Tuesday

  • The phenomenon is known as the "red wave"

  • DeSantis was also re-elected

Tuesday night confirmed it as Florida re-elected Ron DeSantis as governor, Ashley Moody as Attorney General, Jimmy Patronis as the state’s new CFO, and Wilton Simpson as Commissioner of Agriculture.

DeSantis beat his opponent, former Governor Charlie Crist, by a wide margin. Eight different counties that voted blue in 2018 flipped red this time around including Pinellas and Hillsborough. “What we have in the state now is from top to bottom, clearly a single party majority,” explained Anthony Brunello, political science professor at Eckerd College. “What that’s going to allow them to do is bypass a lot of procedural rules with the passing of legislation. They don’t have to bring any other party for discussion or get their concurrence for setting up the legislative agenda on a regular bases.”

Republicans gained supermajorities in both the Florida House of Representatives and the Senate. “These are opportunities for the Republican Party to basically move very very quickly on large-scale policy agendas,” Brunello said. Recently redistricted congressional districts also saw big GOP wins Tuesday night.

They included Laurel Lee in Congressional District 15 and Anna Paulina Luna in Congressional District 13. “The 3 immediate victories for the Republican Party in the newly-constructed congressional districts showed up in Florida right away last night.

They were the 3 automatics, if you go across the country that didn’t happen,” Brunello said. Much of the campaign messaging from the Democratic Party was regarding abortion rights, with less focus on adorability and economic issues. “Their calculation that the Dobbs decision would be the leading edge was right for 48-49 other states, but it wasn’t in Florida,” Brunello said. Now the focus is switching to Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis and talks of a presidential run. Trump plans to make a major announcement on November 15.