Zoe Jarvis had big goals for this year’s cross country season. 

The University of Tampa senior was prepared to defend her Sunshine Conference title, until the pandemic shut the season down before it could begin.

"This was supposed to be a perfect running year and I had many goals for that year, I was looking forward to it all summer" said Zoe with tears in her eyes.

Nobody is more disappointed for her then her head coach Jarrett Slaven, who's team coming back was one of the best he's ever had in more then twenty years as UT's track and cross country coach.

Navigating a cross country course is challenging, being born with autism and having to battle Attention Deficit 

Hyperactivity disorder makes it even tougher. To Zoe, this is more than a sport, its therapy.

"It takes lots of things off my mind, it motivates me of course, it makes me feel tough, and it makes me feel invincible", said the Tampa senior.

Zoe’s farther was transferred from his base in California to Mcdill three years ago, paving the way for this accomplished high school runner to attend the University of Tampa.

Zoe's drive to win is like nothing coach Slaven has ever seen.

"When  she lines up, she goes for the win, she’s not one of those runners that hangs back, she gets right up there with the lead pack and does her best to win".

Her desire to succeed…inspiring. Her will to win.. Motivating.

If Zoe never runs another collegiate race, she’ll leave Tampa as an All American, a conference champ, a school record holder, and a role model.