TAMPA, FL. - Tampa sports radio listeners know 95.3 DAE’s Aaron Jacobson as the energetic, knowledgeable sports jock.  Other listeners know him from somewhere else.

Long before his 12-3 sports show Aaron is firing up a different microphone.

Every weekday Aaron is up no later than 4am to cohost AM Tampa Bay from 5-9. To say it’s a challenge is an understatement.

“I’m good (early). eight o’clock, nine o’clock I am good,” said Jacobson. “Ten o’clock you start to see that downward slide, but then by 12 I’ve had a few more cups of coffee and I am good to go.”

Coffee is indeed Aaron’s best friend. But so to are hard work and dedication. It’s needed in order to juggle both jobs. The 31 year old Jacobson has been doing this for ten years. More than enough time to impress Tampa radio icon Jack Harris who has been in the business for 50 years.

“You go four hours, I am done at nine and gone for the day,” said Harris.  “He has to come back in and do another three hour show, which requires its own preparation.”

TRACK: The morning show consists of news, interviews, and listener calls.  Before he knows it, Aaron is done with the morning show.

After a quick conversation with one of his colleagues Aaaron makes his way through the studio door, across the hallway, and through another door.

“And the day continues,” said Jacobson.

It’s time for Aaron to record those station promos.  Aaron considers this part of the day crunch time to get all of his ads done.

“I really have an hour window where whatever ads I need to do or audio I need to cut for AM Tampa, now is the time to do it,” said Jacobson.

After meticulously cutting ads, Aaron packs up and is ready to leave. He has to make his way down the hallway, saying goodbye to his morning job at AM Tampa Bay and saying hello to his afternoon gig inside the 95.3 DAE studios, where he quickly gets acclimated for his afternoon show.

“The transition is on. We go from the morning show where we are serious,” said Jacobson. “Then we come here and we lighten it up.”

Aaron checks off his to-do list, but still has one thing left on it. Aaron gets in his car. Fires up the engine.  And makes he way to the land of Dunkin’.

It’s a quick pick-me-up courtesy of iced coffee. Then Aaron makes his way back to the IHeart radio studio for more prep before hitting the airwaves for the second time.

“I feel like if I didn’t have the morning show I might procrastinate a little bit and not prep until closer to show time,” said Jacobson.

Co-host Pat Donovan arrives and it is time for the show. The two are a perfect odd couple with Donovan being more spontaneous.

“He keeps me in line,” said Donovan. “Our difference most of the time is what makes us work together, I think.”

Aaron puts everything he has into his final three hours on air. 3pm quickly comes and its time for Aaron to sign off.

“The is it for us, goons, we will talk to you tomorrow,” said Jacobson  “Alright, that’s a wrap.”

Now it’s time for Aaron to go home and get some sleep. He gets to do it all again tomorrow.