TAMPA, Fla. — Motivation can be used as a powerful tool.

Gulf High School Sophomore Bradley Gibson experienced that first hand this season when he tossed the first no-hitter for the Bucs in more than thirty years.

Buccaneers head coach David Smith had no idea what was going on in the game because he was so focused on his coaching duties that one of his assistants had to come up to him and tell him something special was happening.

Bradley was under the impression he had already given up a hit in the game because of a play earlier and had no idea it was ruled an error.

In his mind he was tossing a one-hit shutout.

After striking out the last Fivay hitter his teammates stormed the field, yelling he had thrown a no hitter. The first at the school since 1993.

When Bradley took the mound that day, no matter what happened, he was dedicating the game to his favorite uncle Keith, who had passed away weeks earlier.

"In my mind I was thinking what I’m going to do today is for him, Bradley recalls. and I ended up throwing a no hitter so I like to think that he watched me pitch that who thing and he’s still with me  and he’s going to be with me through my whole career".

So yeas, motivation is a powerful weapon and helped this young high school athlete add his name to the school record book. Congratulations Bradley!