Ybeth Bruzual has been with Spectrum News 13 since June 1998, working her way from an assignment editor, to a Spanish language news reporter/anchor, to her current position as the face of Your Morning News.

Ybeth is passionate about being able to provide people with news 24 hours a day, telling viewers about what is happening right away and going beyond the headlines.

The University of Central Florida graduate loves informing people about new things in the community — and knowing that maybe they’ll even walk away knowing something new. Great storytelling is important to her, since thoughtful content shows that Spectrum News 13 cares. Ybeth has been in Central Florida since 1981, when her mother moved from Puerto Rico to Orlando. The avid cyclist is a native Spanish-speaker and learned English when she came to Orlando.

Ybeth is a respected journalist and was honored as one of Orlando’s Women of the Year 2019. A two-time Emmy winner, Ybeth earned her first Emmy in 2016 for her coverage of the Orlando United Pulse vigil, which is still one of the most meaningful stories she’s covered. She earned a second in 2019 for her coverage of Puerto Rico on both the island and mainland in the series Hurricane Maria: Healing a Humanitarian Crisis. Ybeth is also a four-time Emmy nominee and has countless awards, including Valencia College’s 2018 most Distinguished Alumna Award. She was part of a team that was awarded an Associated Press Broadcast Award for Public Affairs, Documentary and TV Magazine in 2018. Ybeth has extensively covered politics for Spectrum News.

Ybeth traveled to Puerto Rico again in January 2020 to cover the series of earthquakes that rocked the island. She was on the island 24 hours after the strongest quake hit — the strongest to ever strike Puerto Rico — covering the destruction and telling the people's stories.

A proud mom, Ybeth notes her son’s love of roller coasters. Now, they're a roller coaster family, traveling the country looking for a new ride. Ybeth met her 6-foot-7 husband — who towers over her — on an airplane. He’s a former professional basketball player from Puerto Rico. In her free time, Ybeth loves to cook, bike ride, and work in the garden.

Ybeth remembers playing at Lake Downey Park as a child and thinks the Central Florida community has a great mix of well-designed, adventurous trails for walking, bike-riding or running; plus theme parks for all types and price ranges, from Disney World and SeaWorld to Fun Spot America and Lil 500 Go-Kart tracks. Ybeth loves the restaurant options here and explores them all, from Linda's La Cantina, Beth's Burger Bar, and Pig Floyd's Urban Barbakoa to beachside eateries on either side of I-4.