Is Gasparilla Free?

Yes, Gasparilla is a FREE community event with over 100 years of history in Tampa Bay.

Can I ride my bike to Gasparilla?

The event site is very crowded with pedestrians, including small children, and bicycles are permitted for transportation to the event site, but within the street closure cyclists must walk their bikes. Never leave your bicycle unattended and don't lock it to private or public property.

Can I bring my own food and beverages?

The event will house more than 100 food, beverage and novelty vendors for your convenience. You are encouraged to support those officially licensed vendors, as their earnings go toward covering production costs of the event.

Coolers and glass containers are not permitted because they are prohibited by the City of Tampa ordinance, and they can be dangerous in large crowds. Grills, except for those belonging to official vendors, are also not allowed on event grounds. You are also asked to not use or bring styrofoam cups/containers to the event.


See Something, Say Something:

You can TEXT the keyword SAFETAMPA and your tip to number 847411(TIP411), and you will receive a response. You can also make that a contact in your phone ahead of time, just so you have it.

Call 833-872-4636(TPA-INFO) from Friday, Jan 27 at 10pm through Saturday Jan 28 at 9pm.


Bringing the Krewe with you?:

Due to the amount of people who come to this event, cell service can't always be relied on for communication. It is recommended that you come up with a place where everyone can meet ahead of time in case someone gets lost.

Take photos of your kid(s) in costume:

After everyone is dressed up and ready to go, be sure to snap some photos of everyone in your group.

This will help law enforcement be able to quickly react and identify your child in their costume. If you lose your child during the event, find the nearest law enforcement officer ASAP! They will be all along the parade route.


Drinking is PROHIBITED during the Children's Gasparilla Parade on January 21. The City of Tampa will release a map of all the WET ZONES along the parade route and in the Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park area closer to the event. Consuming alcohol outside of the wet zones is prohibited.


Pets (with the exception of service animals) are not allowed at the event.


Photos from Gasparilla 2022

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