You can watch Brian's forecasts weekday nights on Bay News 9.

Tampa Bay viewers have become familiar with Brian's calm approach to Florida’s active weather.  He prides himself on not hyping weather, but rather preparing residents by explaining the weather patterns and how they occur.  

Brian enjoys combining his passion for photography, nature, and weather into his nightly weathercasts.  He will regularly highlight viewer pictures from around the region that display the awe-inspiring views that make this area special.  When he's not in the weather office Brian will regularly be outside biking the numerous trails or snapping photographs on those scenic views around the Bay. 

Brian was born in Indiana on Lake Tippecanoe and still enjoys going back for summer fun.  At a young age Brian moved with his family south, where he grew up in Spartanburg, SC.  He attended Spartanburg High School where he was the kicker for the state championship football team.  He was lucky enough to be part of one of the best teams to ever go through the school. They never lost a game and played their state championship game in Clemson's Death Valley to cap off a memorable season.

Brian's passion for weather started in elementary school as he would pay attention to the clouds and which direction the weather would approach from.  He found himself naturally drawn to it, but didn’t think much about it until late in high school when the school guidance counselor asked him what he was going to do the rest of his life.  Luckily that counselor opened Brian's eyes to the idea that he could go to college to study meteorology and learn about something he’d always been interested in.

There were no schools with meteorology programs in the state of South Carolina so he looked at the major meteorology programs in the eastern U.S.  Brian immediately knew he wanted to attend North Carolina State University after taking a campus tour.  It felt like home. He is a proud graduate of N.C. State University and to this day enjoys going back to visit friends and family that still reside in that area.

Brian was a walk-on kicker for the N.C. State football team for a couple years, then decided to concentrate solely on his future career after that.  He had part time jobs and internships to figure out which direction he wanted to go in the meteorology field.  Brian was very lucky to be able to intern with the very talented meteorology team at WRAL-TV in Raleigh.  He would go on to work for the National Weather Service Headquarters in Washington D.C. briefly before deciding to come back and give the TV side of the business a try.  He had a great first job in the TV business at WNCN-TV in Raleigh, NC.  After that he went onto work for WCTI-TV in New Bern, NC.  Central and Eastern North Carolina was hurricane central during those mid to late 90s where he went through Hurricanes, Bertha, Bonnie, Dennis, Floyd, and Fran.  He saw firsthand the devastation from hurricanes and spent countless hours learning more about tropical meteorology since it had such a major impact on his life.

Brian was hired by WTVM-TV in Columbus, GA where it seemed the hurricanes followed him.  He forecasted Hurricanes, Frances, Jeanne, and Ivan that all had major impacts to Florida and Georgia. 

After the super-active 2005 hurricane season Brian was hired at Bay News 9, becoming part of one of the strongest weather teams in the country.  Brian has been here in Tampa Bay for tropical storms Alberto, Barry, Fay, Debby, Andrea, Colin, Hermine, and Irma.  You will not find a team with more tropical experience than here at Bay News 9.

Brian met his wife in the late 90s in North Carolina and they've enjoyed all the cities and experiences along the way, meeting amazing friends in each place. Brian and his family have lived in Florida for many years and fully embrace the tropical lifestyle. They enjoy outdoor activities and the year-round warm climate.  Brian enjoys almost all outdoor activities and equally embraces snow-skiing on top of a 10,000 foot mountain as much he does sitting on a beach here in Tampa Bay watching the gentle lapping surf.

Brian has been very lucky to be recognized over the years for his commitment and coverage of weather. He received an Associated Press award for his coverage of Hurricane Ivan and also the Georgia State Educators media award for educating students about weather.

Brian puts in numerous hours volunteering at schools educating students about the science of meteorology.  He also gives numerous talks to businesses and civic groups and has helped local businesses maneuver through science and weather questions. 

He’s been nominated for numerous Associated Press awards in the state of Florida, bringing home first place twice for coverage of severe weather.  He’s also been nominated for multiple Emmy awards and won an Emmy for Best Weathercast of severe weather coverage.

Twitter: @mcclureWX

Facebook: "Brian Mcclure Meteorologist"