Joe Hurley leads a band of veteran New York musicians. One of their favorite songs to play, "If I Should Fall From Grace With God" by The Pogues, will be performed during Hurley's All-Star Irish Rock Revue, an event Hurley has been behind for 25 years.

"It was just going to be a one-off. If I had known it was going to last a quarter of a bloody century, I would have given it a much shorter title," Hurley, who is Irish but grew up in London, said.

What You Need To Know

  • Joe Hurley's All-Star Irish Rock Revue is celebrating its 25th year

  • The event will be at City Winery on St. Patrick's Day

  • Hurley and guest singers from the New York music scene and beyond will play at the event

  • Songs performed include those from Thin Lizzy, U2, The Pogues, Van Morrison and Declan MacManus, also known as Elvis Costello

Hurley and an all-star band featuring guest singers will tap into an extensive Irish set list, performing songs by artists from Ireland or with Irish roots.

"What we do every year is we have 30 singers, each doing one song, from Thin Lizzy, the Undertones, Teenage Kicks, Stiff Little Fingers, the greatest band out of Northern Ireland ever, and that little band called U2," Hurley said.

Speaking of U2, a certain NY1 news reporter may be performing a song from that band from Dublin. I have been taking part in the show for a few years, and it's always thrilling to play with the amazing group of musicians assembled for the show.

Hurley says the event takes three months to put together with many sleepless nights, but it's all worth it when it all comes together on the stage at City Winery.

Some 30 songs will be performed. 

"It's even more special that we are doing it on [St. Patrick's Day] this year, because most of us haven't even seen each other since the pandemic, and it's a big family, the All-Star Irish Rock Revue, probably 20 of the singers in the show do 95% of the shows in the last 25 years," Hurley said.