Halloween is just around the corner and with that comes the joy of carving pumpkins.  So, we wanted to make your life easier with these templates, provided by pumpkinpile.com, so you can show off your support for your favorite Florida sports team. Just print off the template you want and away you go. 


  • Place your pumpkin on a large stable table and put down some newspapers.
  • Grab your carving tools and cut a hole in the top around the stem. (Make the hole bigger than your hand so you can scoop out the guts and seeds
  • Tape your pattern to the pumpkin
  • Use one of your tools to poke holes around the dark shaded parts of the template. Pumpkinpile.com recommends about every 1/8 inch. Take your time here and be precise.
  • Remove the pattern and cut the smallest areas first. Then work your way to the larger areas.
  • Clean up and place a candle inside.

Florida Sports Pumpkin Templates:

2020 Stanley Cup Champions Tampa Bay Lightning Carving Template:




Tampa Bay Rays Pumpkin Carving Template:



Tampa Bay Buccanners Pumpkin Carving Template:




Miami Dolphins Pumpkin Carving Template:




Jacksonville Jaguars Pumpkin Carving Template:



Orlando Magic pumpkin carving template:


Other fun pumpkin carving templates: