The spotlight is now on a popular social networking website, after a Fivay High School student committed suicide this week. 

Her friends blame cyber-bullying.

Classmates of 16-year-old Jessica Laney say she was pretty and bubbly. Still, cruel comments could be found on her webpage.

"Nobody even cares about you," reads one anonymous post.

"Can you just kill yourself," says another.

Close friends Cheyenne Ellsmore and Lisa Arthur say people would post the mean messages anonymously.

"You get compliments sometimes but it's those negative comments that bring you down," Ellsmore said.

"There's just things you should say and things you shouldn't," said Arthur. "And on, none of that should be said."

The girls believe the comments got to be too much for Laney, who took her own life Sunday night.

The next day, calls and emails began pouring into Bay News 9 from concerned parents and other classmates who feel the same.

The school district was also made aware of the website by worried students when they went to crisis counselors on campus.  That information was then immediately passed on to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

As investigators continue to sort through what led to Laney's suicide, they won't comment on the website.  But they do reveal the 16-year-old was hospitalized in the past for making suicidal threats.

Back at Fivay High School, Principal Angie Stone tells us Laney never reported the bullying.  But she said this latest concern over social networking sites should be taken very seriously by parents

"If you find out that your child is putting information out there that is dangerous and could get them into trouble, I think you should disable that account," Stone said.

It's something Laney's friends say they asked her to do a number of times. And now they say it's too late.

We contacted Laney's parents but they did not want to comment. 

We're told a bonfire vigil is planned for Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Spring Hill Calvary Church of the Nazerene.

Pasco County deputies continue to investigate Laney's death. The department released the following statement Monday;

Our thoughts and prayers go to the Jessica Marie Laney family as they deal with their loss. The Pasco Sheriff's Office continues to investigate the events that led up to her death on December 9, 2012.  The PSO is not aware of any formal complaint to the Pasco School District or PSO about her being bullied. However, we continue to speak with family members, close friends and review various social media postings as we continue our death investigation.

If you have any information you feel may be helpful in the investigation, contact the Pasco Sheriff's Office Tipline 1-800-706-2488.