An entire apartment complex in Brooksville has become a national model in water conservation.

The toilets, showers and other facilities at Magnolia Gardens are designed to save large amounts of water.

The equipment is 20 percent better than low-flow alternatives.

The landscaping's irrigation system will only use 20 inches of water a year.

Magnolia Gardens is the first complex in the state to get a Florida Water Star Rating.

This building is a joint effort between the Hernando County Housing Authority and private builders.

"We are going to use it as a case study and sell water savings to developers throughout the state of Florida," said Southwest Florida Water Management District's Susan Douglas.

"I believe in it and I don't understand why other people don't get it either. It's simple to me," she added.

All 60 apartments in the building have these water-saving features.

Water district officials say they the complex should save between 20 and 25 percent of their normal amount of water.