Everyday Hero Susan Jacobs is doing her part to get lives and the economy back on track.

Her non-profit organization, Wheels of Success, helps Bay area residents find reliable transportation for their jobs.

Even though they have steady work, most are still financially struggling.

"So many people could be doing better. This helps them get to a better place," said Jacobs.

In addition to providing cars at lower-than-market price, Wheels of Success repairs cars at reduced costs.

On the day Everyday Hero reporter Bill Murphy visited the car lot, U.S. Navy veteran and chef Christine Smith picked up her new car.

"You just don't understand what this means. This is wonderful," she said.

Many of the cars are donated, and all clients make payments based on their income.

Clients must also donate three hours a month to the organization.

So far, Wheels of Success has given away or repaired almost 1000 cars.