A blast from an explosive device interrupted the Easter Celebration in Tarpon Springs this weekend.

Windows were broken in nearby businesses and two people were hurt by the debris from an alleged homemade bomb.

Tarpon Springs Police say the alleged bomb was put inside a shed on top of a building not far from the St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Cathedral.

People could hear and feel the explosion across the city.

"It was really loud it exploded and everything shook, the whole buildings everything," said Gene Potts.

The priest from the St. Nicholas Cathedral wants to make it clear the explosive was not part of the religious celebration.

"Extremely unfortunate," said Father Michael Eaccarino, "I want everybody to be very, very clear we as a Greek orthodox cathedral we as the Greek orthodox faith have absolutely nothing to do with that."

For decade, Greeks have celebrated with fireworks after the midnight Easter Service.

This year, Father Michael Eaccarino says they got a $5,000 donation for fireworks and tried to pull permits with the city for a fireworks zone however it wasn't approved by city officials.

"We've done everything in trying to set up a safe environment to let off firecrackers," said Father Michael Eaccarino." We made a request there's a plot in back of church here we wanted to close that down."

Some Greeks say a designated area would stop those using illegal explosives.

"I think a solution would be something similar to what they do for the fourth," said George Andriotis, "Areas that were roped off and a certain tolerance for fireworks that are pseudo legal if that's a term."

The Tarpon Springs Police Department says the explosion could have taken someone's life and that fireworks or homemade devices are just too dangerous.

"We need to stop this," said Sgt. Ed Miller, "If tradition is going to hurt people we need to stop the tradition."

Last year, someone placed an explosive device on top of the Church's fellowship hall, but a sheriff's office helicopter spotted it before it was detonated.

The Tarpon Springs Police Department is offering a $5,000 reward for the information that leads to an arrest and conviction in the case.