The mother of a boy whose teacher was caught discussing him on Facebook said she is outraged by the teacher's conduct and she wants school officials to take action.

On Monday, Bay News 9 reported that a group of teachers at G.D. Rogers Garden Elementary School in Bradenton were discussing one of their students on Facebook. 

One of the teachers, later identified as Lauren Orban, posted the following sentence: "I'm fairly convinced that one of my students may be the evolutionary link between orangutans and humans."

The 8-year-old boy's mother, Lisa Wade, said she is outraged.

"My blood's boiling," she said.

Wade is demanding disciplinary action, like a suspension, for the teacher who started the conversation that compared her son to an orangutan.

"He's not a monkey, he's not an orangutan," Wade said.  "He's a human being."

Wade said she is going to continue to fight for her son's rights.

"I'm not wrong," Wade said.  "I'm right.  I'm doing what any other parent would do for their own child."

Manatee County school officials say they are delving deeper into the situation to see if there's any need for any disciplinary action.

Orban is a second-grade music teacher at the elementary school. She has been teaching for two years with a clean record, school officials told us.

Bay News 9 attempted to contact her at her home for contact, but no one answered the door.  Soon afterward, Bay News 9 discovered her Facebook page had been deleted.

Bay News 9 also tried to reach the school registrar who eventually stopped the conversation and reported it to administrators.  She did not return several of our Facebook messages, though the original story was posted on her Facebook page.