A Florida man who successfully won $1.25 million for being wrongfully jailed is now being accused of attempted murder.

Tallahassee police late Monday arrested 51-year-old Alan Jerome Crotzer.

Crotzer is accused of shooting into a car that he was driving next to Sunday in Tallahassee, striking Antoine Davis in his arm and leg.

Davis told police Crotzer threatened him a couple of months ago after they had an argument over a CD he sold Davis' girlfriend.

As he was leaving a Best Buy store, Davis saw Crotzer's car.

Crotzer pulled up to him and fired through an open passenger window while both cars were going about 40 miles per hour, police said. Police found Crotzer based on a description of his car and he was arrested Monday after Davis picked him out of a police lineup.

His family can’t believe it.

“I'm like this is not even him, like really? Attempted murder. That's scary, I know he's not that type of guy,” said Jamecia Lasseter, Crotzer's stepdaughter.

Crotzer spent more than 24 years in prison on charges of burglary, robbery and rape. He was freed after DNA evidence showed that he had not committed the crime.

“He did 24 years in prison, he was innocent. It’s a lot of time to have take away from you,” said Adaobi Thompson, Crotzer's sister-in-law.

The Florida Legislature in 2008 approved a bill that paid Crotzer $1.25 million for his time spent in prison. The measure also guaranteed Crotzer free tuition to any college or university in the state.

Crotzer is on the board of directors of the Innocence Project of Florida.

The executive director of the group would not comment on Crotzer's arrest and referred all questions to his attorney.

Bay News 9 spoke to Crotzer's wife today. She would not go on camera. But she said she's heading to Tallahassee Wednesday to see her husband and they plan to fight the charges.

Information from the Associated Press was used in this report.