The battle of two Bay area shock jocks continued Friday in court with three witness testimonies.

Todd "MJ" Schnitt is suing Bubba the Love Sponge Clem over comments made on-air years ago. On Thursday, Clem told jurors MJ and his wife were "fair game" because they're public figures.

Friday morning, one of one of MJ's former cast members, Meredith Walusak, took the stand, and BJ from the former MJ and BJ Morning show followed Friday afternoon along with State Attorney Mark Ober.

MJ's wife was then an assistant state attorney.

BJ, Ober: Bubba's statements were flat out lies

Both BJ and Ober told jurors that Bubba's statements about MJ were flat out lies.

MJ's lawyers wanted to show the jury that the accusations Bubba made are false, and what Bubba told his listeners about MJ went far beyond name calling.

MJ's lawyer said Bubba's statements took a toll on the Schnitts, and impacted their lives.

BJ Harrison, formerly of "the MJ and BJ morning show" took the stand for his old friend, Todd Schnitt.

Bubba told his listeners that MJ got BJ fired from the popular morning show. BJ told jurors that's not true.

"I resigned for personal reasons," said Harrison.

MJ's lawyers said there was another lie that took a toll on the Schnitt family.

(Radio clip) "Not to mention your wife is one of the people who got me arrested, and had secret meetings with Mark Ober? Can we go into that?" Bubba said.

Bubba talked about his infamous hog killing incident in 2001. Clem was prosecuted for animal cruelty, after his show broadcast the castration and killing of a wild boar. Bubba told his listeners MJ was behind his arrest, because his wife worked with the State Attorney's Office.

State Attorney Mark Ober, in a rare appearance on the stand, denied Bubba's on air claims.

(Radio clip) "MJ Kelley and his wife, who worked for Mark Ober at the time, orchestrated most of it. Did you know that? I did. I would expect nothing less from a snitch," Bubba said.

"We discussed the facts, did the research, and ultimately came to the conclusion that a crime had been committed," said Ober.

Ober stated he didn't even know MJ.

"I had no idea about his show, have never listened to him," said Ober.

But MJ Schnitt said plenty of people listened to Bubba. He and his wife said the statements Bubba made on-air ruined their characters.

Former MJ cast member says Bubba's fans were merciless

Meredith Walusak was a producer and on-air personality for the last four years of Schnitt's show on WFLZ-FM (93.3), which ended in 2012.

She told the jury that Bubba's fans were merciless to MJ and his wife because of what Bubba said on his show.

She said Bubba's fans, also known as Bubba's Army, always called the station to scream, or say terrible things about Schnitt.

She said it got bad in public, especially at the annual Gasparilla parade and Walusak said the bad blood was because of Bubba's words.

“Holding up signs reading Bubba Army, you suck MJ, die. Stuff about me, and certain cast members of the show. It’s kind of a hostile environment. There were pirates set up along our parade float harassing us for hours,” she testified. 

Bubba's lawyers fought back, asking her if she or anyone else ever called the police over any threats, or incidents.

“You’ve never seen anyone physically touch or damage anything Mr. or Mrs. Schnitt owned, or them physically, correct?"

“Correct,” Walusak answered.

What's really in question here is the First Amendment rights, and how the decision here could have a big impact on what personalities can and can't say on the radio.

Bubba says this was all part of an ongoing radio feud. He says it was nothing more than name calling and feels like the trial is a waste of time and money.