Tampa radio show personality Todd "MJ" Schnitt returned to the stand Wednesday in his defamation lawsuit against rival host Bubba the Love Sponge Clem.

Schnitt is suing Clem over comments made on-air in 2008.

Last week, Clem told jurors MJ and his wife, Michelle, then an assistant state attorney, were "fair game" because they are public figures. Schnitt is suing for an undisclosed amount of money.

One point of contention includes allegations made on Bubba's show that Schnitt rigged a national radio contest.

"The suggestion that I was cutting shady deals, that just stabs at my professional integrity and what the audience thinks and stabs you right in the heart. As well as contest rigging, is so taboo," Schnitt said.

Schnitt said Clem's fans took steps that made him and his family hesitant to lead normal lives.

"It completely changed the landscape for us. We were uncomfortable going out, certainly became uncomfortable being with my kids in public," he said.

"We drastically limited my exposure in public, simple things like going to the supermarket," he continued.

"We really cut back on my events and public appearances, we almost stopped them," he said.

Schnitt continued and got emotional in a plea to the jury,"There’s no amount of damages that will compensate me, my wife my family, for what we experienced."

"The lies that were told about us, the damage to our reputation. But the jury should award damages that will… enable us to believe we did all we could possible… to clear our good names, restore our reputation," he said.

Clem's attorneys cross-examined Schnitt following his comments.

Bubba's attorneys say MJ's good name was never damaged. They played several clips to the jury including a song with lyrics suggesting MJ didn't father his children because he is too ugly to have cute kids.

"Youre referred to as a 'homely shmoe' in this parody. You don’t contend do you sir that as a public figure in broadcasting that people cant criticize your looks, do you? People can," said Bubba's lawer, Greg Hearing.

They say Schnitt made fun of himself all the time on his own show. They said there's no difference between that and what Bubba was doing on his show.

Thursday, Schnitt's wife Michelle will take the stand.

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