A Manatee County pit bull who was hit in the face with an ax has found a temporary home.

On Wednesday afternoon, Axel went home with his new foster parent, Trisha Robinson-Antonelli. 

Robinson-Antonelli volunteered to care for the dog until he finds a permanent home.

Animal Services found Axel wandering around a neighborhood injured in November.

Ever since then, he's been getting treatment at the Beach Veterinary Clinic in Cortez.

His new caregiver said she's very happy to see how nicely he is recovering.

"Oh my goodness, he looks totally different," said Trisha Robinson-Antonelli, his foster parent. "His scars are minimal. I honestly believe within a year, or not even a year, at least six months, he's going to not have any scarring."

Axel is around 2-years-old.

His new caregiver said she plans on working with him daily on training to make sure he is ready when adopted by a new family.

For more information about Axel, visit his Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/axelsangels.