A little girl in Safety Harbor is doing what she can to help a little boy in Georgia recovering from a traumatic brain injury.

7-year-old Madison Jayanna is a second grader at Safety Harbor Elementary. The book she read to Bay News 9 this week is the one she wrote herself about a real life boy named Tripp Halstead.

Madison really cares about Tripp even though the two have never met. Tripp is a boy Madison’s mother told her about.

A year ago, a heavy tree limb fell and hit Tripp on the head at his Georgia daycare. Now he’s recovering from a traumatic brain injury and Madison felt compelled to help.

“Because I’m a nice person and I like to do things,” said Madison.

Madison isn’t just writing the book for fun. She’s writing to get it published, to make money, and send it to Tripp’s family in Georgia.

“It feels great and good to help others,” she said.

Madison’s mom Justine Jayanna has been in touch with Tripp’s mom Stacy.

“I was really proud of her because me and my husband have been trying to teach her that you put others before yourself,” said Jayanna.

Tripp’s mom Stacy Halstead was overwhelmed when talking about it over the phone with Bay News 9.

“Just that people care and care for us they want to show us their support however they can do it, and this is her way of reaching out to us and showing us that she cares about Tripp and wants to help so it’s just heartwarming,” said Halstead.

Madison’s mother is already talking to a publisher in Georgia who is interested in producing the book when it’s finished.

To learn more about Tripp’s fight visit the Tripp Halstead updates Facebook page.