Motorists will soon be able to drive faster on some of Florida's highways if two state lawmakers get their way.

State Sens. Jeff Brandes, R-St. Petersburg, and Jeff Clemens, D-Lake Worth, are filing a bill that would allow the state to raise the speed limit to 75 mph on some highways.

"I think by allowing us to adjust up to 75 mph, I don’t think people are going to dramatically increase their rate of speed," Brandes said. "In fact, what other states have shown (is) that drivers drive in a range they feel comfortable with."

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety opposes the bill, saying higher speeds make crashes more likely.

Brandes said his bill would allow the state to raise the limit if traffic engineers believe is it safe. He noted that the state has not reviewed its speed limit since 1996.

The speed limit on interstate highways is 70 mph. The limit is 65 mph for highways with a divided median and 60 mph for other roads overseen by the state. The bill would increase those limits by 5 mph.

Several states have speed limits of at least 75 mph for cars on divided highways in rural areas. Texas and Utah have the highest such speed limits, at 85 and 80 mph, respectively.