Reports released by the White House Sunday detailed specific cuts Florida could face if a different deal is not reached to avoid the so-called "sequester."

Part of the cuts in Florida include education.

According to the White House, the state stands to lose more than $54 million in funding for primary and secondary education and more than $30 million in funds to education for children with disabilities. Head Start and Early Start services would be eliminated for around 2,700 children. 

Some funding for children's vaccinations and child care were also among the potential cuts. Some $1.8 million in funds that would be used to upgrade health officials' response to public health threats would be cut.

The reports stated around 31,000 Department of Defense employees in Florida would be furloughed, including some at Macdill Air Force base. Millions of funding cuts would hit Navy, Army and Air Force operations throughout the state.

A local Republican political analyst calls the reports a scare tactic.

"The miniscule amount of money that this sequester would actually force the Congress and the United States of America to take in the form of cuts, it's miniscule in proportion to actual federal government spending and the debt," Chris Ingram said.  "It actually does nothing to reduce the debt."

The reports also include nearly $1 million in cuts in Justice Assistance Grants, which support law enforcement and public safety.

It also details a hit to environmental protection, along with more than $1 million in fish and wildlife grants.

They're all things White House officials say could happen unless Congress acts by Friday.

Other cuts mentioned in the White House reports for Florida include job search assistance, an estimated $2.3 million in cuts.