A Citrus County man is proving you don’t need to see to be a good shot and a fast shot.

The modern day gunslingers are members of the Classical Fast Draw Society and they meet at the Hernando Sportsman’s Club a few times a month. For sure they’re some of the fastest guns around.

Jim Miekka, also known as "Midnight Gunslinger," is totally blind.

“When I first started I was hitting about 25 percent of the time," Miekka said. "Now I think I’m hitting about 80 percent or something like that.”

Sure you have to hit the target, but your speed is important too and Miekka can do it all in about a half a second. That’s considered a very, very good fast draw.

Randie Rickert, also known as "Mad Jack," said what Miekka can do is amazing.

“Not being able to see the target, remember where it is and actually get right on it. He’s done awesome,” Rickert said.

Miekka said it has taken a lot of practice and sometimes he’ll have somebody tap just above the target so he can zero in on it. He's been doing the fast draw for less than a year.