As 25-year-old Nicholas Pasvantis was carted off to jail Saturday, his neighbors cheered with excitement.  

“We have been living and putting up with this for years," Gretchen Schultz, a neighbor said. "We're just sick of it."

Schultz said they thought Pasvantis was involved in drugs and were taking pictures of the cars coming and going from a home on the 3400 block of Chickadee Drive in Holiday.

"It looked like a drive through over there," Schultz said.

Investigators said on Saturday Pasvantis got into an argument with his neighbors. According to a Pasco Sheriff's report, Pasvantis cussed at them and even mooned them.

Pasvantis' mother, Paula Audino, said it’s all uncalled for. She said her son is a good kid.

"He's very quiet. He's very passive. He's a giver," Audino said. "It was a total accident. It was a 911 call. It got blown out of proportion. He does not have a record. These neighbors are trying to give my son a record that could ruin him."

But the sheriff's office and the community says this is an example of community policing. It’s a new effort that the community showed off with a picture on the sheriff's office Facebook page.